A Lindy Renaissance

Lindy Hop is Swing. Most likely this is the most accurate yet simple explanation of this jazz dance. Rhythm, speed and joy is what you can feel when you see someone dancing the Lindy Hop, the harmony of the figures is what remains in your mind when the music stops.
The Lindy Hop was born in Harlem, NY, in between WWI and WWII, right before the Great Depression.The sound of the Big Bands and their smoking Jazz Clubs have been the beating heart of the Lindy Hop for years; forgotten for decades, after giving up the limelight to popular phenomenons like Disco, Dance and Latino music, the Lindy Hop and its protagonists’ swinging lifestyle are now experiencing a brand new glamorous life.
Jazz Clubs around the World are back again the fulcrum for people’s pastime who enjoy to dance and drink, but then again, the rebirth of this phenomenon represents a brand new link between youngsters and Jazz music.
Lindy Hop is in fact knowing a massive success all around the world, hundreds of festivals are born in the last few years, while many of the pre-existing ones are now considering Lindy Hop performances to get to larger audiences.

©Maurizio Beucci - 2013-2015

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As if yesterday were today: the Lindy Hop has once again become extremely popular, reviving the 1930s together with swing music and retro outfits. Maurizio Beucci picked up his camera and mingled with the dancers.

Lindy Hop